Abuse: Different Types Essay

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Abuse comes in many different forms. For instance, there is sexual abuse, spousal abuse, bullying, and hazing are all types of abuse. Animal abuse is another major problem in society which is often overlooked. Abuse is defined as cruel and violent treatment of a person or animal. For many years, these abuses have been portrayed around the world. These abusive actions are very damaging to the victims. They live their lives in fear and their feeling of security is diminished. This also includes animals. It makes them afraid and very insecure. All types of abuse can destroy families and can even lead to death in some cases. It destroys families, relationships, and friendships. Trust then becomes a big issue.
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Statistics do not take into account how many men and women are abused worldwide. This type of abuse is known as assault or battery or both. Assault is the attempt or threat to inflict bodily harm on another person. Battery is defined as the intentional infliction of harmful or offensive bodily contact (de Carmen, 2014). The difference between assault and battery is that assault is generally menacing conduct that results in a person’s fear of imminently receiving battery (de Carmen, 2014).
In 2001, domestic violence made up twenty percent of all nonfatal violent acts against women. In 2000, about 1200 women were killed by an intimate partner. This number made up about 33 percent of female murder victims (Grovert. 2008). Abused women have reported being told to leave the family home with their children immediately or risk them being taken into the custody of someone else. This often forces them to move away from their families and community support networks, putting them into insecure housing (Butler, 2014). This also puts them in harm’s way because they have no one to count on in case they need help. They are alone in an unknown territory with their children with no resources, having to start all over again. This is also traumatic for the children. They have to leave their friends and everything they felt was secure. Any situation in which you are forced to participate in or degrading sexual activity is sexual abuse (Smith & Segal, 2014). Men and

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