Child Abuse and The Law Essay

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Child abuse is a social problem that affects millions of children each year. Not only does child abuse have multiple societal repercussions, but also individual repercussions that produce lifelong scars. There are many forms of child abuse; sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional. Some of the facts presented in this paper will be painful to absorb. That does not change the fact that these problems must be addressed. It has been reported that one out of three girls, and one out of seven boys are sexually abused by the time they reach the age of 18. The most prevalent form of child sexual abuse is now recognized to be, incest. A study that showed approximately 27% of the women in every state of the union, and 16% of the men said they had …show more content…
Drug addiction 2. Poverty 3. A violent society 4. A lack of community ties 5. A family history of violence 6. Lack of parenting skills. The information obtained in this research paper was drawn mostly from various internet web-sites. I read all of the pertinent issues related to this topic. All sides of the issue were accounted for. For example; stories, facts, & figures as they are told by adults, the children, law enforcers, law makers, the accused, the falsely accused etc. This information then had to be sorted out according to what was fact, and what was opinion. I was looking mostly for law related issues, and I received a lot of other valuable pieces of information along the way. I pieced the information together in a way that I felt would make sense to a reader who was trying to get a good general understanding about child abuse laws.

One valuable source of information pertained to the American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law (established in 1978). Its mission was to try to help improve children's lives through advances in law, justice, knowledge, practice, and public policy. Its work includes such jobs as; strengthening laws, policies, and judicial procedures affecting children, and increasing public awareness of law and justice related to children. The center has also taken on such projects as, removing barriers to the termination of parental rights and helping courts to improve child protection

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