Comorbid disorders: Bipolar Disorder and Substance Dependence

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This paper begins by providing information regarding bipolar disorder and then opens up to include substance abuse and dependence as a co-occurring disorder. With the two presented, the bulk of this paper hopefully provides some insight into why treatment of these co-occurring disorders is ineffectual. As of yet, research has not provided us with useful insight into the relationship between the two disorders. We continue to ask questions related to which was first or if they result from something else. Hence, the genus for this type of comorbid condition is not easily identifiable; therefore it is quite understandable that it cannot be easily treated. While various comorbid psychiatric conditions are understandably difficult to treat, …show more content…
Bipolar II
The symptoms involved with bipolar II have been found to be less intense than bipolar I. The manic phase is referred as hypo mania, which distinguishes it as not as severe. While symptoms may be less intense, and may not lead to extreme types of disruption in the individual’s life, it is nonetheless a very serious illness that requires extensive therapeutic treatments (Heffner, 2011). There are also other types considered to be mood disorders, such as cyclothymia, which may also be viewed as falling under a bipolar spectrum. De Fruyt & Demyttenaere (2007) see the bipolar spectrum as being a way for clinicians and researchers to include the various bipolar types in their work, yet bipolar I has received the bulk of attention. They argue that,
The introduction of the bipolar spectrum disorder concept has extended these bipolar boundaries. In its broadest and dimensional sense, the bipolar spectrum may encompass any disorder characterized by unstable mood and behavior, and any recurrent cycling psychiatric disturbance. (De Fruyt & Demyttenaere, 2007, p.80)
The above is always important to be aware of, especially when there are other psychiatric or psychological considerations. In clinical terms, comorbidity

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