Dietary Habits Effectng Enamel Erosion Essay

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There are a variety of dietary habits that can potentially cause enamel erosion. One of the main habits among many is the consumption of acidic foods and drinks. When consumed over a long period of time and in high quantity, there can be visible and sensational changes in both permanent teeth and deciduous teeth. The shape and enamel content of each of the 32 teeth within the average human adult mouth are different, primarily amongst the permanent and deciduous teeth (Jenkins). The enamel and dentine of deciduous teeth are less dense and thinner than that of permanent teeth. The primary material within each tooth is enamel and dentin, which are made up mainly of calcium deficient hydroxyapatite. The calcium within each
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In vivo, the teeth were measured for the potential loss of calcium and dental pain was recorded after the teeth were rinsed with beverages.
Adults with teeth, adults without teeth, and children were recruited. Each of them swished with each of the beverages for 30 seconds and there were separate readings carried out 72 times during the swishing process. Another set of two cohorts were recruited: healthy adults and children (both having teeth) to compare pain using the visual analogue scale (VAS). Figure 1. The pain was recorded through the individual responding to the above scale. Each subject was given a new VAS scale after swishing with each beverage and were subsequently asked to rank their pain.
Statistical analysis of pH, buffering capacities, fluoride and pain were done using ANOVA; comparing pH, buffering capacities, pain and fluoride in each guaraná pop-drink.
The results largely support the idea that guaraná erodes teeth and can lead to extensive dental pain. Figure 2. The data shows that calcium proceeded to leach out at a greater rate when the volunteers rinsed with pop-colas, than with guaraná beverages (p<0.0001).
Phosphorous proved to be a significant factor as well. It was found to leach out of the enamel and dental caries, but extra phosphorous can also come from

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