Essay on Eating Disorders: Cause, Rate, and Recovery

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Starvation is one of the most painful experiences for the human body. Starvation brought on by the self as an effort to achieve a certain image can only be defined as a mental disease and that is exactly what occurs in eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Anorexics are defined as those who restrict their eating and lose at least 1/3 of their body weight. Bulimics are those who binge and/or purge food frequently. Eating disorders are the most lethal of all mental illnesses. These diseases are not simple diets or frequent crash dieting (although those may be symptoms) but psychological disorders that go way beyond the calorie counting and weight loss. Eating disorders can start out slow, usually as a diet to lose a few pounds or as …show more content…
EDNOS is the disorder for those who have the signs and symptoms of Anorexia or Bulimia but do not fit the criteria for the diseases. Anorexia and Bulimia are quite similar on the mental level, but the outer appearances of the victims vary. One stark difference is that bulimics cannot resist the urge to eat, whereas an anorexic can go a longer time without food. This means bulimics can stay at a healthy weight for their age and height through their bingeing and purging, but anorexics lose weight and tend to look more frail, making their disorder less complicated to spot. Binge-eating disorder is the compulsive need to eat more and more food for emotional reasons rather than physical. Nearly 30% of those diagnosed with obesity have this disorder. Binge-eating is the only eating disorder whose victims do not fear food.
In popular Western culture, eating disorders are linked with models, fashion and celebrities but the stunning and rising numbers reveal the vastly ignored fact that eating disorders affect the common person too. Roughly 8-10 million victims in the United States alone suffer from eating disorders and at least 1 million of these people are men. Furthermore, eating disorders are usually found in junction with depression, and generally are used to cope with traumas, difficult situations or social difficulties that the sufferers are faced with.

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