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Managing a classroom is very important element of teaching. It can also be very difficult, especially when teachers must discipline students for unruly behavior. Many researchers have identified and employed many strategies that help teachers to manage their classrooms and discipline students with dignity and fairness to their students. While there are many strategies, it is vital that teachers choose one and employ it with consistency. Teachers must also consider the age group of their students and development level. In doing so, they are more likely to have their students critically think about their own actions and work within the rules, rather than against them.
Discipline Models
Canter’s Assertive Discipline model
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Even though the Assertive Discipline model emphasizes the positive rewards, students tend to focus on achieving those rewards and avoiding punishment. Also, despite the plan reaching 90-95% of the students, it does not address how to handle the other 5-10% who are not concerned about following the rules. Teachers must come up with an additional plan to address these students’ behavior.
Thomas Gordon’s Discipline through Inner Self-Control is more suited to students who are in middle school and high school. In this model, teachers should not try to moralize or preach to students or use ‘you’ statements that indicate blame. Instead, they should maintain positive composure that does not appear confrontational. Teachers should also attempt to try to solve the problem with the student, rather than dictating what the behavior and consequences will be. Like Canter’s model, teachers do use “I” statements, but they work toward establishing a rapport with the student, rather than an assertive stance. I
Gordon’s model seems to be better suited to older students who have not responded well to other forms of discipline, especially models that put the teacher in control. A student who wants control may do so by being the class clown. In actuality, the student may simply need attention. Through student-teacher interactions, the teacher and student work together to create a no lose

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