Home Is Where the Heart Is with Habitat for Humanity Essay

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If you we're in the Niles area last December, you might have heard singing coming from a nearby house just off from Fifth Street in Niles. It wasn't Christmas Carolers spreading Holiday joy to the neighborhood, it was the many great individuals welcoming a new home owner to their newly built house. Christmas came early for a lucky Niles area family as Habitat for Humanity completed another build to someone whom had thought that home ownership was only a dream. This is typically how a traditional Habitat for Humanity dedication ceremony begins. When a home has been completed, a dedication ceremony is customary to every family who is grateful enough to receive such a gift. Since Habitat for Humanity is a christian based organization, the …show more content…
Most supplies are are locally available, and some supplies are donated. The homes come in pre-assembled kits and are built from the ground up by a group of volunteers who love what they do. If you truly wish to experience Habitat for yourself, then you have to make an effort to join. “Anyone can join; you just have to be willing to show up.” says Joan Schmidt, President of the local Niles and Buchanan Habitat organization. There is no special requirements or knowledge required to be part of this fine group, you will learn by doing, and at the same time, will gain more knowledge and become a better builder as you go along. So, what happens during a typical day on a Habitat work site? The day begins early, at about 9:00AM, and continues until about 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon. You, as a volunteer, will do your part in making the dream come true for a deserving homeowner. You work alongside the homeowner as well as with the veteran volunteers who have been there for years. Before you know it, you get into your work and enjoy it. You become one with your tools, and are absorbed in the activity going on around you. The smell of sawdust fills the air, and all around, the sounds of progress are echoed through the voices of saws, hammers, and drills. And after

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