Essay on Marine and Environmental Sciences

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“Wherever water goes, so do I.” This quote from my interview with Susan Myers quite effortlessly sums up everything I have felt when searching for my future career. Our oceans, estuaries, and other bodies of water are an expansive, astounding part of the planet that humans have not yet fully explored. Each day we find new amazing creatures, chemicals, and processes. With such potential for massive discoveries, any scientific mind understands my attraction to this field. This is why I would like to go into marine or environmental sciences and be someone who takes data on various ecosystems or a conservationist like a park ranger. In numerous careers within the marine biology field, responsibilities and necessary activities can …show more content…
At other times of the year there will be other circumstances rangers must reply to like beached creatures and injured or lost individuals. Nonetheless, even with a demanding ever-changing schedule, the career is still rewarding in every sense. Like the varying schedule of someone in these professions, the degree needed to go into them also differs. One common thing, though, is at least a bachelor’s degree in the sciences. Because of the questions I asked to those I interviewed, I discovered that the type of science is not the same for the many careers encompassing marine and environmental biology. Nevertheless, attaining these certifications is no easy feat. The curriculum is grueling and though it is science based, math and writing skills also must be honed and kept sharp for reports and calculations. Also, the ability to speak publicly is also required. As a part of the scientific community it is sometimes required to present the data you have acquired with other peers within your community. Outside licensure is not often needed, other than the occasional SCUBA certification or boating classes. Choosing this path guarantees both labor of the body and mind only conquerable by those willing to push past the obstacles. Once the beginning education concludes, even more curriculum remains to be learned. Like nursing, a career dealing with the environment has continuing education requirements that often must be met each year to maintain certification and

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