Marketing Strategy and Company Analysis – Optus Essay

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In a competitive environment where market is changing instantly, organizations are in a fix to design a strategy that could market their products enticing the consumers to buy their products and services. Market is the arena for business gladiators who fight out for maximum share and profitability and this is possible only through effective marketing strategy. Competing in present economy means finding ways to break out of commodity status to meet customers’ needs better than competing firms (Ferrell and Hartline, 2010). The intensity of competition has increased after the introduction of media and internet where the companies present their product in the best way through advertisements, product reviews, blog entries, etc. With the …show more content…
The mission of the company clearly states that Optus desires to achieve its vision by breaking barriers and building bonds by delivering value to our customers, employees and shareholders which is fundamental to the growth of business (Optus, 2011). Optus operates in four major business areas wherein Optus Consumer provides mobile voice, data and Wi-Fi service; local and long distance service; high speed and dial up internet; Optus Television provides 77 channels of digital TV; Optus Business offers communication services to government and corporate clients including internet, voice, data, mobile, satellite, e-business, hosting and call centers and Optus SMB serves small and medium business customers offering products and services including the services from Optus Consumer. Additionally, Optus Wholesale & Satellite offer services for third party telecommunications providers and also operates through its wholly owned subsidiary Virgin Mobile Australia and offers VOIP, 2G and 3G services to its consumers (Optus, 2011). According to Collard (2001) “Optus brand has reached the universal level of spontaneous recall in the Australian marketplace” reaching 95% of people as stated by Stephen Cameron, Director of Corporate Marketing, thus becoming the Australia’s most recognized brand. However

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