Essay about My Relationship With Finance

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In the financial sector, decisions must be made in split seconds that can result in either vast profits or significant losses. The collapse of Lehman Brothers, demonstrated to me the vulnerability of all businesses as the size and level of profit does not matter as poor decisions can still create loss. Making financial decisions is intriguing to me as I ultimately would like to apply my mathematical ability into a career in finance. The concept of investment is interesting to me as it involves calculated risks which depend on an array of mathematical equations to ensure that companies make well informed decisions on how they invest their money. When studying mathematics and finance at university I am keen to understand how to make viable …show more content…
In both business and ICT I have developed an ability to plan a project effectively using critical path analysis, PERT charts and a Gantt chart which are powerful tools to illustrate complex project schedules. Whilst studying Economics, it developed my ability to think logically by studying the topics of microeconomics and macroeconomics. Understanding markets and the reasons for market failure was particularly interesting as I was able to learn about a wide range of factors that have an impact on micro and macroeconomics.
I have taken every opportunity to learn about the financial sector by taking part in the Student Investor Challenge. I carried out various analyses on share data developing my analytical skills. Regular communication was required to the team of my ideas with mathematical reasoning to identify industries to invest in and the long term benefits of doing this. I have applied my passion of mathematics by tutoring pupils GCSE mathematics on a weekly basis. In addition I also worked on a mathematics leadership team to deliver a day of Olympic themed maths challenges for 200 pupils in year 7. As a member of the school council, I represent my fellow students and discuss ways to improve the student experience at my school. Furthermore I have regularly worked as an ambassador for my school working

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