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There are many ways that children and adults learn but there are two processes of learning which have been of great debate for many years. Observational learning and cognitive learning have been theories which many great philosophers have been researching extensively. Both theories provide valid points and both can be applied to our world today. The question is do I believe in them and can they somehow be integrated?

I believe that learning is observable yet I also recognize that there are many other factors to consider when discussing this issue. First I believe that being observant means that we focus and pay attention to what we are observing. If you want to learn anything, it is critical to pay attention. Anything that may come
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Observational learning becomes more complex when it involves adolescents and adults. The text provides a study performed on the island of Kauai of children growing up in poverty. It states that these children grew up in conditions such as chronic poverty, a low level of education in the mother, family instability, and significant physical problems in the infant, pre-natally or at birth. Yet despite these children's poor environment, one third turned out to be effective adults. This tells me that learning is observable yet for some people there are always other factors to consider.

A key component to observational learning is to witness a change in behavior. Much of observational learning is based on this component. Like the children from the study of Kauai, because of their environment many children's observations led them to delinquency, learning problems, and teenage pregnancy. As a teacher I witness children as young as the first grade imitating characters from animated shows which fight and wrestle. Many of these children I see perform the actions in an aggressive manner. When I bring this issue up with the parents, they don't seem to understand their child's change in behavior. Now although I am discussing a negative viewpoint I do believe that observational learning can change behavior for the good as well.

I also believe that learning is a change in thinking or a change of

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