Substance Abuse Among Nurses Essay

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One night ,while working as usual, Jane Doe injects nasal spray butorphanol (Stadol) to a couple women who are in labor. Some of the women did not require the full dosage of the drug so she slipped the leftovers in her pocket. Once her shift had ended that night, Jane was getting ready to leave when she decided to use the restroom. When she was there she remembered that she had some leftover drugs in pocket. Jane cautiously looked around and checked every stall to make sure no one was there. She then took the drugs out and injected herself. Thirty minutes later a colleague finds Jane passed out in the restroom. She is immediately treated and once awake, is taken to a drug-testing facility to provide a urine sample. At the drug-testing …show more content…
In the past, disciplinary approaches have primarily been used to address this issue. Disciplinary approaches are determined to protect the public and place no stress on the recovery of the nurse. These approaches utilize punitive actions such as suspensions from practice, probation periods, and loss of license. More recently, however, the majority of states are implementing alternative, rehabilitative approaches in place of these corrective measures. These alternative methods involve evaluating nurses to determine the severity of their addiction, assigning a manager to monitor each individual dependency, and requiring the nurses to sign a contract affirming their understanding of the program’s conditions (Monroe and Pearson). Although the disciplinary and therapeutic approaches to this issue both strive for the same goal of reducing the presence of substance abuse among nurses, they implement contrasting methods and tactics in order to achieve this objective. To understand the prevalence of substance abuse among nurses and the factors that contribute to this substance abuse, it is crucial to consider the advantages and disadvantages that disciplinary and rehabilitative approaches have.
First, substance abuse remains a widespread issue throughout the nursing work field with certain addiction

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