Essay on Substance Abuse

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Substance abuse is all too common within most populations, especially in a lower economic class. In fact, drugs are the new fashion craze. Designer drugs are now grabbing young adult’s attention and more attention in the older adult population as well. Some of the people that you may see on the streets would probably be your typical user, but there are some drugs that are being used by your everyday “girl or boy next door” types. When it comes to helping individuals that are abusing drugs, nurses can be the front line in aiding their care. Nurse can help these individuals with finding resources to help them, educate them about stopping the abuse of drugs, and how the government can help these
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The individual in this stage tries the substance, because of peer pressure or because they want to try it (Mauer, et al, 2009). This leads them to the second stage of addiction, which is the continuous use of the substance. The individual is using the substance because it makes them feel good, or changes their emotions that they are feeling (Mauer, et al, 2009). During this point, the individual is not using the substance socially anymore, but is using the substance as a need. The third stage is what clarifies the individual as an addict to the substance. In the third stage, the individual is dependent of the substance and cannot live without it (Mauer, Smith, 2009). The addiction becomes their life and some do not know how to come out of it. With the help of nurses, medical staff, and the government, their assistance can help those that are addicted. However, the problem with getting these individuals to get to these resources is that some might not like the laws that are involved or just do not know how to get to them.

Governmental Influence There are many laws that encompass substance abuse addiction. When individuals become part of any governmental program to help them kick the habit, there are laws and policies that these individuals have to follow in order to be part of a drug rehabilitation program (NYS, 2011). Some addicted individuals are embarrass of their problem, and when it comes to entering the program by law they must

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