Symptoms of Eating disorders Essay

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Everyone has seen the modern day models, they’re everywhere; in magazines, on billboards, and in commercials. They even have a T.V. shows dedicated to them (America’s next top model, for example). These models are all skinny and seemingly perfect in every way. They are idolized and what most girls (and many boys as well) want is to be just like them, to be skinny, have the perfect body weight, and the perfect body figure. Some people end up taking it to the extreme though, and get sick. They become obsessed with how they look to the point where it’s unhealthy, and possibly even deadly, and develop what we call eating disorders, or ED for short.
There are three main eating disorders: Binge eating disorder (which falls under eating
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The stomach acid in the vomit causes the destruction of teeth and gums, as well as the yellowed fingers (Eating 1). People who have bulimia often have other psychological problems as well . In a study performed by the McLean Hospital, 94% of bulimics had another psychological disorder other than the eating disorder itself (Update 1).
There are many signs to look for in bulimics, but it is often hard to distinguish different eating disorders (Eating 1). There are certain signs that help point towards bulimia. A person who suffers from bulimia may use the bathroom for a long period of time right after a meal to purge the food from their bodies, they may binge uncontrollably on food, and they have an unhealthy focus on body weight and figure (Eating 1).
Another common eating disorder is binge eating disorder. BED is similar to bulimia in that people who suffer from them both eat an unhealthy amount of food in a single sitting, but instead of purging the food like bulimics, bingers let it digest (Eating 1). Their eating disorder isn’t like anorexia or bulimia where people try to lose as much weight as possible, but rather they simply cannot control the amount of food they eat, and largely overeat (Eating 1). Many bingers end up becoming obese from the immense amounts of food they eat (Update 1).

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