Essay on The Possibilities of the Gap Year

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A gap year is a year off of academics, which provides time to explore interests and help determine career choices, containing both positive and negative aspects to consider. A gap year can be spent in a several ways from internships, working, volunteering, or traveling and exploring interests. It can provide students with life impacting traits that can provide a better future and greater outlook on life. If taken seriously, a gap year can have many positive effects on education and the motivation to continue school. Although gap years can be very expensive, it can overall be an opportunity of a lifetime, to create clear academic goals. Although a gap year is most often taken between high school and college, some students decide to take one …show more content…
A gap year experience is unique to each individual as are the outcomes, working with an interest, such as doing community service with children or working at a newspaper company, will help a student create a life-altering impact on his/her personality and life (O’Shea 567). If a student does not have a plan for the gap year or he/she is not very motivated, it can cause him/her to not return to the original higher education goals (Sutherland 1). Basically meaning that if a gap year is not properly planned, or students are not taking their gap year as a learning experience but as a vacation it can cause them to not want to continue their education or return to their original goals. A gap year can overall provide a break from academics, providing real-world understanding and lessons, and overall help understand future goals, making future studies exciting upon returning (Torpey 27). Creating a once in a lifetime experience, that not only changes academic standards but also personality and life. A gap year can be spent a variety of ways, including volunteer work, domestically or internationally, working to save money, taking an internship, traveling, or a combination of them. A gap year is not a vacation; it is a time period to learn about interests, career opportunities, skills, experiences, and

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