What Women Will Do for Money Essay

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Should economically vulnerable young women be targeted because they need money and are willing to sacrifice their health for it? Ethics and morals should be guiding the collection of stem cells. Instead, science is conducting harmfully irretrievable guidance, with a nonchalance attitude about the health of young women.
Scientists are in dire need of stem cells, they are targeting young women to get them without disclosing all possible health risks. Researchers are offering ridiculous amounts of money to college women for their eggs. USA Today published an article on the March 16, 2006 cover, titled “Egg Donor Business Booms on Campus.” The article stated that college girls of certain ages and IQ’s were offered up to ten thousand
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Next, they implant skin cells from a patient. The egg then becomes a “blastocyst” (embryo), which is stimulated with chemicals. Three to five days later, stem cells are removed and can be kept alive indefinitely. The cells then divide, and have the potential to be cloned or turned into different types of organs like, muscle, tissue, bone, nerve and even heart cells (Nova Teachers).
The U.S. has been mainly focused on the research of embryos, and has given little attention to social, ethical, and political issues. There are currently no regulations against the misuse of embryos. Therefore, establishing regulations for donating, extracting, and researching embryos is in great need. What happen to American pride for the safety of the citizens? Does it have to be a foreign attack to develop guidelines, rules and regulations? Has America has lowered its moral standards? Not only are the safeties of donors a problem but the safety of patients on the receiving end are a problem too. For example, take Jesse Gelsinger an 18-year-old boy who tragically died after volunteering to take part in a clinical trial to help babies born with disease in September 1999 at the University of Pennsylvania (High Beam Research).
Family and friends worldwide suffer everyday from diseases, disorders, and malfunctions of the body. In America alone, stem cells could help more than 64 million people with diseases, such as Heart,

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